Our vision is to build a kinder society for everyone, everywhere

A world where people and businesses connect for a better understanding, creating safer communities and challenging harmful behaviour.

Together we will educate and empower each other to challenge and help shift social attitudes.

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We have a range of products to keep you safer, more aware, and feeling more in control. Access reporting, support, guidance and trusted information all in one place.

Want to improve your workplace, create safer spaces, empower your community? Our innovative range of products and services are designed to help you get ahead.

Don’t wait for something to happen. Find out more about how imabi’s groundbreaking technology is making a difference tackling harmful behaviour and attitudes.


Welcoming Geo-location to imabi

We have launched our new Geo-location feature into our Railway Guardian and Pro apps to bring to you the very best level of functionality to use while you are out and about.

Key Geo Features

Allow trusted and authorised people you choose to get your location information.

  • Share your location live – Let loved ones track you as you travel
  • Check-in – Let people know when you arrive at your destination
  • Ask for help from a friend or family – Get picked up, Send a taxi, Top-up your phone

Remember only those you allow will be able to see your location. You always stay in control.

All of our apps take advantage of our intelligent technology platform.

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All In One Place


imabi’s core features have been designed to deliver a comprehensive range of services all in one place. We are not just a reporting tool. We engage with users to provide useful and trusted information, access to support, and real time messaging as well as access to a reporting feature. Organisations have control over what their users see with access to an admin portal to create app content. This simple to use tool means users access important information easily.











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Our range of apps work across any sector – education, public sector, elite sports, hospitality, private industry and more. Watch our video for more information

Organisations can create bespoke content for their users, and receive data that helps them better understand what the issues are. Users can access the app features 24/7.

So what difference does imabi make?

We don’t wait for something to happen to help users, but do provide a range of features if something does. Our innovative design makes it easier to access what you need, when you need it. Create content that’s relevant to your users.

Our apps are powerful communication tools and our data analytics mean you know what’s going on in your workplace or community space. Want a white label version for your organisation? Find out what imabi can do for you.

imabi is powering safer travel across the national rail network, creating safer school communities, and changing workplaces

How are we doing that? Download Railway Guardian today, UK policing’s first reporting app covering the national rail network. We are making transport and public spaces safer.

UK and International schools are keeping their student communities safer with our Inspire app. Find out more about our ground-breaking approach to improving student safety and wellbeing.

Our Pro app transforms workplaces into safer, healthier and more productive environments. Empower your staff with our technology.

Together, we make the change.

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