The imabi Vision

Improve social value, create sustainable and progressive behavioural change, build safer communities and enhance the lives of millions of people, through empowerment, education, improved wellbeing and safer decision-making. For everyone, every day, everywhere

Our new approach is proactive and preventative, and is supported by our 3 social pillars:

Our Vision

Our Commitment

A Sense of
Common Purpose

Our social values of integrity, collective responsibility, empowerment and humanity are coupled with our desire to do more to transform society.

We have developed a technical platform and series of products to drive social change; and are at the forefront of national innovation with a groundbreaking market presence. We are already making a difference in schools and on the national transport network.

Social Values Programme

  • Promotes a safer and more inclusive environment for all, across society, with no one left out, through a collaborative and forward-thinking approach.
  • Our products allow customers to use data intelligently to better understand what is happening and inform their daily actions.
  • We improve customer compliance with statutory frameworks.
  • Corporate clients secure economies of scale and best value for users across multiple sectors through collaborative procurement.

  • Collaboration also unlocks the potential to leverage the power of anonymised data analysis to identify trends that would not otherwise be apparent.

  • We help corporate sponsors fulfil CSR/ESG objectives to educate and empower a generation, by contributing to measurable outcomes that have transformational social impact.

Our Social Value Partners

Fighting Knife Crime

Fighting Knife Crime London (FKCL) is delighted to partner with imabi to extend the range of programmes designed to keep Londoners safe. FKCL is now a well-established and increasingly respected part of the work being done in Greater London to empower young Londoners in particular to change their lives for the better, and live safely.

The Go-To place for help and information

We share a parallel philosophy to imabi, whose apps are designed to use technology to keep people safe, and put them in contact with assistance wherever they may be.

Anyone interested in helping another young person can find inspiration through FKCL’s directory of organisations. We also have a regular magazine, and highly searchable resources section, packed full of the most recent reports, statistics, and research papers. This has no equal in London that we have yet found. The free facilities we offer to community projects, the police, employers, educators, local government, and charities across London to use us to spread news and information on social media and on our website is always available through our newslink here. Our video area is there for you to use, and to feature your own videos and podcasts about the subjects we address.  If your organisation is not featured, and you think it should be, then click on this link here and FKCL will add it for you, and ensure that it is kept up-to-date.

What we stand for

Our ethos from the day we launched has been to trumpet the work done by others, in every kind of place, to raise up young people, or to provide encouragement to them and to signpost life-changing opportunities. Whatever it is that is needed – a mentor, a job, or a new social group engaged in a shared project of interest – a sport, arts, music, or anything else, or just a new friendship group, can be found via our website.

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